Saturday Morning in the Park

All Star Arch

I biked in the Park early this morning, trying to beat the heat.  Saturday morning in the Park is always the most hectic morning of the week.  From first light the Park quickly fills with all of the weekend warriors that are out walking, running and even biking.  This Saturday was no different.

Biking past the Grand Basin, I spied the above pictured, All Star Arch.  On July 14th Saint Louis will host this year’s All Star Game.  This arch was placed in the Park to help promote the game.

I saw AJ from Team Kaldis, who was speaking with a police officer.  It turns out that his riding companion had had a collision with the Saint Louis Track Club’s golf cart.  His friend was alright, but his friend’s brand new carbon wheel set ($$$) were both tacoed.

It had rained heavily last night, so there was a lot of standing water still around.  Consequently, I stuck mainly to the roads and paved trails.  I did stop at one of the bird’s favorite watering holes.  I saw the Snowy Egret pictured in today’s header.  I also saw a Great White Egret, a pair of Green Herons and a Black Crowned Night Heron.  While photographing these birds, I went to lean against a nearby tree.  It was then that I saw the frog pictured below.  I got fifteen miles.

Tree Frog

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