Weekend Roundup

Kayaking Fun and Great White Egret

PiSince I took last Friday off, my weekend began on Thursday evening.  Anne, Joanie and I participated in the Thursday night Dine Out for a Cure event, all part of the run up for Saturday’s big Susan G. Koman walk.  We went to Pi, the pizzaria favored by our President.  Joanie had never been to Pi, so it was all new to her.  Anne and Joanie went next door to Knitty Couture, while I waited for the table.  We shared a single pie and had two slices left over.  All in all, it was a good time.Knitty Couture

I’ve already blogged about the float trip that we took on Friday, so I won’t belabor that event.  After we got back to Saint Louis (and showered) we went to an art opening  at the Regional Arts Commission.  This event just happened to be just a block up the street from Pi.  This show featured a series of partnerships.  Each partnership coupled an established artist with a student artist.  The name of the show is, Time Well Spent.   Celeste, one of the student artists and also one of Anne’s regular school year students, had created a series of art books, complete with original poems.  To show how small a town Saint Louis really is, we learned that night, that our neighbor leads the private half of the Regional Arts Commission.

Celeste's Book

JoanAnnePatSaturday morning dawned awfully early for Anne.  She got up to do the Susan G. Koman breast cancer charity race/walk.  She did the walk with Joanie and Pat and over 66,000 other Saint Louisians.  They raised over $3.25 million dollars.  Today’s header shows just a portion of the sea of people who participated.Turtle in Duck Weed

After Anne left, I launched for a bike ride.  I rode down and photographed today’s Komen header.  I returned to the Park and Paparazzi-ed all of the Park’s flowers and fauna that I could find, which were many as you all eventually will see.  Anne eventually called and I headed downtown again.  At the end of the day I ended up with twenty-six miles.

Anne, Joan, Pat and I rendezvoused at the Fountain on Locust.  This is the second establishment that we were able to  introduce Joanie to this weekend, as opposed to the usual course of events.  I had a Chocolate Martini (Yes Virgina, there really is a Santa Claus!), followed by an almost (almost) too chocolate parfait.  The rest of my dining companions went for healthy food and then settled for a way too small mini-parfait.  Ha!  Life is short.  Eat dessert first.

On Sunday, we drove up to the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  We’ve been here before, but this time we brought our bikes. We got 10 miles.  We saw lots of birds and flowers and things.  Stay tuned until tomorrow and we’ll give you all the poop on this weekend’s birds.

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  1. They hand out the bunny ears at one of the booths. I’ve worn them in past years, but they end up being irritating. We wore our race t-shirts. I have a pink ribbon on my hat. We didn’t do much of a costume. I think Mark got down there before we did, but for all I know, we’re in the picture somewhere!

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