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Orange signs

On Monday I went for a walk.  I started out to do the usual loop to Wydown and back.  It’s nice and shady.  However, I changed my mind and went to see the Big Bend/I-64 deconstruction.  The signs announcing that the bridge closes on June 1st have been up for at least a month.  How many orange signs can you see in this picture?  Just about as many vehicles as you can see in the next picture turning around at the Road Closed barricades! 

On the way back from Big Bend, I talked to a mail carrier.  He said that drivers have been coming up to the barricades all morning.  He and a policeman were watching it from the gas station and just laughing at all the drivers turning around.  I guess they’ll figure it out sometime in the next six months.  It will be especially bad for the next two to three months, while Hanley is still closed too.  (Do I get bonus points for using all three homonyms of “tu” in a single sentence?)

Speaking of befuddled drivers, I saw one  turn left from the right hand lane, in front of a police car!  This was on Wise Avenue, which only has one lane in each direction.  So I guess you could say he was in the parking lane, except that the curb is painted yellow right before the intersection.  My guess is that he had asked the police officer for directions beforehand, as the police car did not follow him.

U-turn zoots

Le Marquis here now.  Help me folks, but I just have that blogging jones: 

I found on Hulu last night one of my all time favorite high school movies, Three O’Clock High.  This is  the high school version of Gary Cooper’s High Noon, except the showdown happens later in the afternoon and since it is old enough there are no guns.  This is more of a guy version of high school, then the more metro-sexal versions that are prevalent today.  Our hero, Gary Jerry is trapped in a fight and no manner how he turns, he cannot get out of it.  Our high school nerd, Jerry Mitchell is assigned to write a piece for the school paper about the new boy Buddy Revell, who is rumored to be a psychopathic nutcase.  When Jerry accidentally touches Buddy, he says that they must fight in the parking lot at three o’clock.  Jerry will just about do anything to avoid the confrontation.  The final confrontation reveals more about the various high school stereotypes then it does about Jerry.  Looks like it is going to be one of those days …

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