The picture with today’s post shows a California Poppy from my folk’s garden.  This is the state flower and they are in bloom all over the state.  I first saw them last week after my plane landed.  They were lining the runway.  Today’s header shows some magenta colored flowers.  I don’t know their name, but I like their bright colors.  Together with the poppy, they really brighten up this old blog.  I hope that they don’t clash.


Below is a picture of Anne’s newly completed socks.  Aren’t they great looking?  For some reason she is being unusally protective about them.  Anne says April’s socks are done and she is now starting on May’s, for Jay.  Although I covet them, I don’t really plan on stealing them.  😉


Here are a couple of bicycling links:  First off, here is a movie for Jay, showing bike soccer, and you thought not using your hands was tough.  Second, we have bicycle chariot races, in honor of Rome’s 2762 birthday.  Just like Ben Hur, right?

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  1. The soccer was interesting, although I couldn’t figure out where the goal was for a long time. Even more interesting was the different ideas of what bicycle soccer was (looked at some other videos in the area)

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