Anna’s Hummingbirds


Today’s header and the picture with today’s post both feature hummingbirds, Anna’s Hummingbirds (we think, check out page 298 of Sibley’s).  Today’s header shows a female.  I took the picture in low light and with a flash.  You can see the retinal flash in her eye.  She is perched on a branch and is not flying, so all of her is in focus.  I think that the reason this species prefers this shrubbery, is because they are so well camouflaged against it.  The juvenile male shown with this post is in flight.  Consequently, his wings are a blur.  Both pictures were taken from my folk’s driveway, in Monterey.  There were these sort of evergreen shrubs, with red flowers, that were all the rage, at least with hummingbirds.

How about a link dump?  I’ve got two for you tonight.  In a few weeks Anne and I head to NYC.  Here is a sight, that I would like to see.  In the Big Apple it is always nice to see a friendly face.  Speaking of seeing, American Paper Optics, is your low cost optometrist, especially suited for looking at things in a different light.  Thanks, Dave.

I biked in the Park this morning and got fifteen miles.  That gave me fifty-two miles in a twenty-four hour period.  Take that Jack Bauer!  The picture below shows a Canada goose (or a gander) and three goslings, that I saw in the Park this morning.


Dan and Annie stopped by today and are planning an art show or shows for either this summer or next fall or both.  They and a few of their friends are scoping out galleries.  We will keep you posted on future developments. 

I applied for a passport today.  I used the State Department’s on-line wizard, to fill out my application.  I “broke” their wizard.  I had an old passport from when I was in high school (never used).  Their wizard would not accept my old passport number.  It was too old.  I went to the post office, got my picture taken, forms signed and notarized and money paid.  My old passport was mailed off with the application, in lieu of my birth certificate.  Later today, Anne goes to apply for hers.  The women in line in front of her gets out of line when learning that her birth certificate will be mailed off for four to six weeks.  She will need it to renew her driver’s licence, next month.  Anne looks at her driver’s licence and also steps out of line.  She heads over the the Department of Motor Vehicles Revenue and renews her driver’s licence.  Tomorrow is another day.

Do you think that we are taking this empty nest thing too seriously?

2 thoughts on “Anna’s Hummingbirds

  1. Are the passports so you can get back from Canada this summer? When we first heard about the potential requirement we ordered ours. And as I read the paper optic bit I was looking at two pair of paper 3-D glasses from the NBC Super Bowl event.

  2. Yeah, Mark might fly to Montreal and the lodge is only five miles north of Vermont, so the opportunity for frequent border crossings exist.

    Talk about unexpected consequences, Dave emailed us that he is starting the passport process, too. Rochester has a BME thingie in Peru. He is looking at that for next year.

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