Earth Day


Today’s header and the picture with today’s post are both from California.  The header shows a good sized lizard sunning himself.  The picture with today’s post shows a male quail.  There was a whole flock of quail in the road, in front of my folk’s house.  I kept trying to get close enough to get a good picture, but they kept scurrying away.  Eventually all the females flew off and hid in some bushes, while this guy hung around in order to lure the intruder, that would be me, away.  I got close enough to him for this shot by using the fence for cover.

In honor of Earth Day, I biked to work.  I got my usual twenty-two miles.  On the way into work a women with a dog asked me if I had a phone.  I did and let her use it.  She called home to let her mother know that Freddie (the dog) had gotten loose and to please hurry before her bus came.  I got passed by another commuter just before Natrual Bridge.  I timed the light perfectly and passed him.  He quickly caught me.  He was way more in a hurry to get to work than I.  😉

It was such a gorgeous day here today that Anne and I went biking in the Park, after work.  We got fifteen miles.  Guess what?  The Hampton bike tunnel is open for business!  A sign of progress on the New I-64.  The tunnel and the new path leading into the tunnel are both double wide.  I wonder it this will be a new feature of all future developments on the Park’s bike path.  Look below for a picture of us emerging from the west end of the tunnel, that a nice lady took for us.


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