What No Flower Pictures?


Well maybe a few little blue ones …

It was a good day at work today.  We had customers in today.  Myself and my two business associates had spent three days each, for a total of seventy-two man hours, all for a half hour presentation.  At least it went well.

I was driving home from work via Schuncks, our grocery store.  At the traffic light into our subdivision, I noticed a couple of signs directing extras to their parking.  I suspect that these signs are related to the George Clooney movie, Up in the Air, that is presently being filmed here in Saint Louis.  I’ll be interested to see what nearby set was used for the film.  Courtesy of the River Front Times, here is a YouTube video that shows a loser behind the wheel shouting at some spectators, who were watching the movie’s filming a week ago, near Dan’s place.  It also shows some of the area around Dan’s apartment. 

The picture with today’s post shows a section of the roof of the Climatron, a geodesic domed greenhouse at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It is easily one of the top ten landmarks around Saint Louis.  Today’s header shows a portion of wrought iron fencing near Henry Shaw’s house, also on the garden’s grounds.  Shaw was the original founder of the botanical gardens.  The house on the garden’s grounds was at one time his country home and the land for the garden’s and the near by Tower Grove Park was at one time his also.  When it was built in the 1840’s it was considered to be in the country.  Now it is definitely in the middle of the city.

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