Bicycling along the New I-64


Guest blog by Pooh.

Last Thursday I didn’t get called in to sub.  I went for a zig-zag bike ride along, and over the new I-64 construction.  The header and photo show two views of the tunnel that will carry the Forest Park bike/pedestrian path under the Hampton intersection by the zoo.  This should be a major improvement!  For those of you familiar with St. Louis, I bounced between Wise and Dale as follows:  through the Laclede Station underpass, back over the Boland overpass, down Gissler to Moorlands, North to Wise, pictures only of Big Bend overpass, South over the Highland overpass, North on Bellevue, over to Yale, and up the alley behind Del Taco to the intersection at Skinker/Clayton/Oakland.  I went down Clayton to Tamm, then passed by Turtle Park and into Forest Park.  I followed the bike path around and said “Adieu” to I-64 by the Science Center.  I finished the circuit around the park, and got home in time to shower, eat dinner, and head off to Knitty Couture. for the Thursday evening knit-in. 

I left behind a jealous Marquis, who had to work late and did not get a chance to bike ride.  One of the knitters was visiting from Seattle, and one of her friends, a former St. Louis resident, told her she should visit Ted Drewes while she was here.  She asked if it was near the Metrolink.  It isn’t.  Talking of concretes made me hungry for one, so I ended up taking her to sample a St. Louis favorite.  I brought one home for Marquis too, as a peace offering.

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  1. Jane,
    Please do come visit, it has been a long time! Be sure to bring your green beans to take care of the allergies. Can’t you come up with some Border’s business that needs doing here?


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