March Madness


It snowed last night, but we got less then an inch.  It never stuck to the sidewalks or road, only the grass and cars.  I don’t think it ever really got below freezing.  Anyway it was all gone by noon.  The rest of the day though cool and windy, became progressively more pleasant.  Crazy weather!

I launched for a bike ride after noon.  I got sixteen miles and the pictures for today.  Today’s header shows redbud blossoms that have bloomed.  Last weekend, they were still waiting to pop.  The picture with today’s post shows the walkway from the visitor’s center (the old golf course clubhouse) to Pagoda Circle, in the Park.   The walkway is lined with Bradford pears (I think), that are in full bloom.  It is a pretty sight.

I returned home in time to catch Anne as she left to go knit in public at Knitty Couture.  She is bicycling there and back.  Anne got six miles.  I caught the end of the MSU game, Go Green!  I’m guessing State will be the hometown favorite at this week’s men’s final four tournament, in Detroit.  Too bad the MSU women’s team lost to Iowa State last night.  It would have been grand to see both teams in their respective final four tournaments.  Especially since, this years women’s final four will be held here in Saint Louis.  They are offering free tickets, so I might just have to check it out.

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