Color Accent


I stopped by the Park on the way home tonight and took pictures.  The pictures for both today’s header and with this post were taken there.  Both were taken using a feature called color accent.  When using this feature you select one color within the frame and all other colors are rendered in black and white.  It worked better with the willows in this post then it did with the red bud in today’s header, but between the two I hope that you get the idea.

The weather today was gorgeous and it hurt to be at work today.  Although you can’t tell from the pictures, the sky was blue and the grass has really started to green up.  We need rain and might get some tonight.  Everywhere you look today more and more flowers are appearing.  I think it will be an early spring, because according to my Missouri conservation calender the red bud is not suppose to bloom until the twenty-seventh and viewing it today, it looks ready to pop.

It has been a quite end of the work week, so today like the last few days the ole blog is a little light on content.  I hope to play with the new camera this weekend and of course do some biking.  I still owe you all a movie from last weekend’s bike races.

Rant: Why can’t the WordPress spell checker recognize blog as a word?  Wait, it dosen’t recognize WordPress either.

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