The new camera that I ordered showed up last night.  I took this post’s picture of some daffodils in our backyard, last night.  This morning, I got up before dawn to go biking and snapped today’s header of the half moon.  It is a waning half moon, since it is in the shape of a C, for coy and retiring, as opposed to a D, for daring to be greater.  This a  mnemonic that Anne has taught me.

I rode in the Park this morning and got fifteen miles.  Near the end of the ride I happened upon a guy with a tripod mounted camera, it had a huge telescopic lens.  When I asked him what he was photographing he pointed to a near by tree and said that a great horn owl had nested in it.  I glimpsed it flying off, a moment later.  He said that he had already gotten a good picture of the owl and was hoping to get one of the chick.  He was friendly enough, but since I had already interfered with his shot, I bade him good luck and intend to return on another day.

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