Happy Saint Patricks Day!


Guest blog by the Spring Break Spouse – A beautiful day to bike!

This morning, I biked over to the Ancient Order of Hibernians Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dogtown.  St. Louis is so Irish that we have two parades to honor Saint Patrick.  The bigger parade is held downtown on Saturday.  See Ron Jackson’s blog, for some pictures from that parade.  Today’s parade is more family oriented, and frequently has families or clans riding or marching behind a float.  One float proclaimed, “The Luck of the Irish – Family!” on the front, and “Six Children and over 200 Descendents!” on the side.  Later in the week, Marquis will try and cobble together a movie out of the not-so-hot clips I shot. 

After bicycling back from the parade, I grabbed a quick lunch and got ready to use a multi-modal approach for the afternoon’s event.  I rode my bike over to the Forest Park Metrolink station and rode the train, with my bike, over to UMSL.  I thought that this would save time, but there was a train in front of us which had a problem with a door not closing properly, so it was traveling v-e-r-y slowly.  There were a half dozen UMSL students riding Metro, who had obviously been to the parade.  Some of them napped on the way back to school.  Too much fun in the sun, a long walk, and perhaps a few brews will do that to you.

The reason I went to UMSL was the Missouri Transportation Alliance’s meeting to invite public input on MoDOT’s future direction and funding–including whether or not Missouri’s transportation vision should include bicycling and walking.  Their web site is www.missouritransportation.org.  I urge you to go to their site and give them your vision of transportation for Missouri.  I spoke, along with three other cyclists, and one of the MOTA people said there had already been a lot of emails from cyclists and pedestrians.  I received an email from Brent Hugh of MoBikeFed today, as did many other Team Kaldi’s members.  Thanks for getting the word out, Brent!

Marquis had ridden to work today, and I thought maybe we could link up and ride home together, but I couldn’t reach him.  Since I wasn’t completely sure about the route home, I punked out and rode the MetroLink back to Forest Park, then rode home from there.  While I was waiting at the light at Clayton, Mark came up behind me.  We rode the last two blocks together.  I got 13 miles today and Mark got 22 miles.

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