YouTube versus Vimeo

Yesterday, at the end of our bike ride Anne and I stopped to photograph this flowering tree.  It is shown in today’s header and in the two movies that go with this post.  Both of the movies were uploaded from the same movie file, but by watching them you can see the difference in quality between the YouTube version and the Vimeo version.  The YouTube version is blurrier and the sound is not a clear as the Vimeo version.  The original movie was shot in VGA on a Cannon PowerShot.  YouTube does have an advantage in that the number of my movies and the total size of my movies are not limited to the extent that Vimeo limits them.  Check them both out …

In other news, Anne is on spring break this week.  She plans on running some errands and doing some sewing this week.  The weather for her spring break, this week, looks great!

1 thought on “YouTube versus Vimeo

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been interested in Vimeo but have had no time to futz with videos for months. I agree that the quality is better than YouTube. The only thing I preferred about the YouTube video was that it displays the total time of the video. But Vimeo does show progress nicely so maybe this is a non-issue.

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