A Bicyclelicious Weekend


Last night Anne and I went to Trailnet’s Chili Dinner.  This is Trailnet’s way of kicking off the bicycling season.  Team Kaldi’s was well represented last night as the picture with today’s post shows.  Shown are John and Anne, Dennis and my Anne, Edie and Rob, Sandy and Chris, someone in lime green and Phil and Karie.  The dinner was held at the Overland VFW hall that featured $1.50 beer.  I should have quit while I was ahead, with just eating two hundred and thirty-nine chili beans, because when I ate one more, I got too-farty.

This morning Anne and I launched towards the Park to get a ride in and to watch some of The Great Forest Park Bicycle Races.  The bike races today were criterium races or simply crits.  Today’s course is almost exactly one mile around.  The racers all start together and will race for between thirty to fifty minutes.  At that point the crit will continue for five more laps.  We arrived shortly after the women’s open had started and spent the race moving around the course taking pictures each time the peleton swept past us.  We stayed for the beginning of the Cat 4 men’s race.  We saw Sandy and Chris and Karie again today.  Afterwards we rode around the Park for a bit and then decided to go to VeloCity Café for brunch.  After brunch we biked some more, we each got sixteen miles today.  You can expect a movie about these races.

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