Surf and Piling


Anne and I took Dave to the airport this morning.  He had a 6:45 flight, so we had to get up way too early.  We dropped him off at the airport and then returned home and went back to bed.  He called later today to say that he had arrived safely.

Anne and I rode in the Park this morning.  I got seventeen miles and Anne got fourteen fifteen miles.  Today’s header shows Daffodils, that are in bloom on Pagoda circle.  It was sunny and fifty today and that passes as warm after this week’s weather.  There were lots of wedding parties out in the Park getting their pictures taken.

Tonight we have a bicycling party to go to.  It is Trailnet’s Chili party.  I’m bringing meatballs, a nice change of pace from chili.  It should be nice to see some of our old bicycling buddies again.

The photo with today’s post is from our Florida trip.  It was taken at sunrise, the morning we had to leave.  It shows some old, sea life encrusted pilings, with the tide washing over them.

OBTW, happy pi day!

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