The Slave of Duty



Pictured in today’s header (I know it is already tomorrow in some places) are Randy, Anne, myself, Bob, Pat, Joan and Becky.  We dined tonight at Hendel’s Market Café, in Florissant.  We were later joined at the theater by Pat and Bert.  Tonight we all saw a production of the Pirates of Penzance, at the Blanche Touhill Performing Arts Center at UMSL.  The food was good, the performance was great and the company was greater still.  Thank you Joanie!

Anne’s mom performed Gilbert and Sullivan, in college and installed a love of their work in Anne and through her in me.  We have seen several productions of Pirates over the years.  Probably are favorite is the movie with Saint Louis’ own Kevin Kline (the annual local theater awards are know as the Kevin Kline awards) as the Pirate King, Linda Ronstadt as Mabel and Angela Lansbury as Ruth.

OBTW, The Slave of Duty is the subtitle to the Pirates of Penzance and also its theme.  Goodnight!

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  1. Singer in the chorus – so a Chorus girl.

    We are members of the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society, which puts on a great show each year. I have seen almost all of the offerings by now.

    What I want to know is – why are all of the group photos starting to look like my parents group photos?

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