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Today’s header shows Anne, the boys, Annie and I, from last night at Houlihan’s.  Dave’s spring break ends soon and he flies back to New York on Saturday morning, so we wanted to all go out together one time.  Coincidently, a ten dollar coupon for Houlihan’s showed up in the mail yesterday.  Serendipity!

The picture with today’s post shows John and Sam, from our meeting at the Atlanta airport or at least it tries to.  The picture of Sam isn’t too bad, sort of a soft focus, but John is clearly just out of focus.  Sorry!  We all seemed to enjoy meeting each other and the conversation that ensued.  We had met for coffee at an Atlanta Bread Company and Sam had brought her camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-H7.  I’ve always admired her photography, its crispness especially.  I think from that moment I was beset with camera envy. 

Doing some research, I found that Sam’s Sony model has been replaces with the Sony Cybershot DSCH50.  This is a newer model, with more features and still at the same price.  This week I ordered the Canon Powershot SX10IS.  It is competitive to the Sony and since I have already learned how to use the Canon I own, it should be easier to use.  It comes with advanced focusing and face recognition software, so next time I can get a focused picture of both Sam and John.

I purchased the camera through Amazon, with which I have been doing more and more business.  Amazon started as an internet bookseller, but has branched out into selling all sorts of stuff.  I haven’t bought any books from Amazon, yet Jane.  I like the ease of finding something, the reviews and the overall intelligence of their website.  That is why I like it and the fact that Amazon is still doing well in this down economy seems to indicate that a lot of other people agree with me.

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  1. Good of you to spur the economy with a consumer purchase, M. Still grinning that my battered camera could spur envy! I once bought a stick blender from Amazon; mostly I buy books, though! The airport interlude was fun!

  2. feel free to browse books on amazon, and then potentially order from (if the price is competitive).

    this message brought to you by the ‘keep jane employed foundation’

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