Rubberband Man

Anne spoke to Mr. Harris, the high school music teacher and got permission to post the preceding YouTube video.  The video shows the Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School Jazz Band, playing Rubberband Man.  It is from last Saturday night’s concert the preceded the play.  Anthony Burgess is the lead vocalist.

Today the morning dawned all too early for me, due to daylight savings time.  I was late getting into work this morning and my boss had been looking for me, not a good combination.  He was handing out raise cards and I was the last person that he needed to speak with.  Things worked out though, I am pleased to say.

Tonight we are having a family dinner.  In addition to the four of us, Dave has invited his friend Kennard and Dan has invited Annie.  I’m fixing chicken and rice, with a salad too, so I’ll leave you with just this short post.

2 thoughts on “Rubberband Man

  1. I stumbled across this video of these phenomenal kids singing Rubberband Man! The three singers were fabulous and I sincerely hope they have found success in whatever they went on to pursue. Looks like I’m 3 years after the fact and they may have all graduated by now. They came across as serious professional singers. The band was great, too, but the movements, vocals, “heart”, etc., displayed by the singers made this an outstanding performance. I hope their families and teachers there in school were proud and supportive because they deserved more than an “A” in music!

  2. I stumbled across your video of the students singing Rubberband Man and found the singers to be phenomenal. Very talented group and I hope they have had success with whatever they went on to pursue.

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