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Last night, Anne and I went to see the high school play, Noises Off, at the Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School.  This play’s performance was also an opportunity to celebrate the reopening of the high school’s auditorium.  It has been completely renovated, with new lighting and sound systems.  The old, broken, wooden auditoriums seats are gone and have been replaced with the same padded seating system that we enjoyed on Friday night at the Repertory Theater’s professional theater, the Loretto-Hilton Center for the Performing Arts*.  One part of the old seating remains; the decorative facials at then end of each row were saved and restored.  The windows at the front of the auditorium building, where the school’s library is housed are featured as today’s header.  Anne got to stand up for recognition, as a member of the committee that passed the bond issue, that funded the auditorium.

The high school jazz band opened for the play.  They were quite good.  I have a video of them performing Rubber Band Man; Anne is going to check to see if I can post it.  The play has similarities to the play that Dave performed in, Play On!  Both are three act plays, where each act is repletion of the first act of a play within a play.  Each subsequent act portrays the comic dissemblance of the play within a play. 

After the first act, we decided that we needed to leave to go pick up Dave, who was flying in last night.  We stopped by the house to check on his flight and it showed him delayed in Detroit, to almost eleven.  We decided to go back to the show and caught the last half of the second act.  In this act the set had been swung around to show the audience the behind the scenes point of view.  By this time the cast was in open warfare with each other.  We stayed through the inevitable comic disaster that was the third act and the reception that followed.

We stopped by the house again, only to find that his flight had mysteriously already landed.  We raised him on the phone and headed out to pick him up.  As it turns out his flight was delayed first by the weather, lighting and next by a mechanical problem and again by the weather, no mechanic could be sent out in the lighting.  Anyway, we got him home in time to watch SNL.

I biked this morning in the Park, but only got ten miles.  A line of approaching thunder storms curtailed this morning’s ride.  We watched the weather on TV, as the storms approached, but other then a little rain and wind it was just meteorological sound and fury.  Dan and Dave went off to Dan’s work, Dan to work and Dave to play in a Warhammer tournament.  Anne over taxed herself some more and I napped to round out the day.  And yes those are spectacles on Dave.

* Named for the Sisters of Loretto, who founded what is now Webster University, on whose campus the Loretto-Hilton Center resides and Hilton?  The Hilton family donated money to help build the center.  Coincidently, one of those Hilton girls was enrolled at the time.

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