Belegarth is a medieval combat society.  The Saint Louis chapter was meeting in the Park today when I went riding.  They try to meet every Saturday, between eleven and two, near the confederate war memorial.  They seem friendly enough.  I shot some video and spent an hour throwing the above movie together.  It is short and sweet.  Enjoy!

The weather was in the seventies again today.  Today’s header was shot today and shows crocuses growing across the street in the neighbor’s front lawn.  I also got a picture of daffodils in bloom.  Spring is coming, if it isn’t already here.  The Park was crowded today.  I got 22 miles today and now have 500 miles for the year. 

Last night we saw The Miracle Worker, at the Rep.  It was, as always, a very enjoyable and uplifting story, the beginning of the Helen Keller story.  The play is set in the south in the 1880s.  The title originates in Mark Twain’s description of Sullivan as a “miracle worker.” The famed American humorist and author was an admirer of both women, and although his own personal finances were problematic, he helped arrange the funding of Keller’s Radcliffe College education.

Tonight Anne and I are going to the high school to see the newly renovated auditorium and the student production of Noises Off.  Here is their write up:

Michael Frayn’s award winning Noises Off is a laugh-out-loud comedy complete with slamming doors, slapstick falls, amusing wordplay, and absurd situations. 

After the play we’ll see about picking up Dave from the airport.  Anne continues to battle her cold, but I think that she has turned the tide.

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  1. There is a similar? Medievil group that plays under the freeway (not on the freeway) near our home, in a Park & Ride that is lightly used on the weekends. I am not sure they go at it quite as realistically. The pavement would not seem a kind surface to land on.

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