Palm Beach the Movie

I promise that this post will be the end of this long week of writing about our Palm Beach vacation and that I will be getting back to my real life.  Besides it is time to move on to our next vacation, New York city, in May.  Please watch the movie though.  As promised I used the Panther Elementary School Steel Drum Band as the soundtrack.  Also, there are lots of birds in this movie.  Enjoy!

The freezing temperatures that greeted us upon our return to Saint Louis, Monday evening, have given way to gradually rising temperatures throughout the week.  I bicycled in the Park on Wednesday evening and got fifteen miles, when the highs were in the fifties.  Construction from the New I-64 has spread out from the Hampton overpass work into the Park.  Part of the bike trail was closed.  It looks like they are starting the construction of the bike tunnel under Hampton and have started the traffic circle in place of the existing intersection.  I biked to work today and the high is suppose to be in the seventies..  It only took me fifty minutes to get here, my best time yet.  With tonight’s return leg,  I’ll get a total of 22 miles. 


UPDATE: On the way home tonight, while I was waiting at a light a women in an SUV leaned out of her diver side window, holding her cell phone camera at me.  As she turned left in front of me, she exclamed, “I’m going to put you on my Face Book page.”  I guess that, I’ve been blogged.


Anne has been sick since Wednesday evening, probably with strep throat.  I emailed her when I got here to work today, that I had biked in to work.  She replied, that she had crawled from bed.  Tonight we have theater tickets, The Miracle Worker, at the Rep.  I hope that she feels better.  Tomorrow night there is another play at the high school.  This will be the first event in the high school auditorium, since it was renovated.  All the more reason to switch from in sickness to in health.


Dave is flying home on spring break tomorrow night.  I routed him through Detroit, in case weather caused him to miss a connection.  Maybe one of his relatives could pick him up?


My brother Chris will be starting a new job this month.  He will be a civilian employee of the Department of the Navy.  He will be working at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey.  I think that he will be writing software for on-line training courses. There is a great bike trail right across the street from the school.  I’m jealous of him for that.

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