The Odyssey of Sirens


On this winter Thursday in February, here is a reminder of summers past (2005) and of summers yet to come:

On the shores of Gitche Gumee, Odysseus and his men soon encountered another danger … the Beach of the Sirens.  The song of the sirens bewitched men and drew them in to their land, where they would be smashed against sand and rock and shipwrecked.  Odysseus gave all the men wax to plug up their ears and then asked them to tie him to the mast, so that he could hear the song of the sirens.  He made them promise that however much he pleaded, shouted or asked to be set free they were not to untie him.  They did as they were told.   The sirens sang their song and tried to lure the sailors towards their shores. The men could not hear them and as Odysseus asked they did not free him.  They passed the sirens without shipwreck.

Men may find them eerie and at wreaking ships, they have shown themselves to be superiorHere on the water, like their siren’s song, my poor craft sits.  To men, woe be to those, who on listening tarry and on tarry, oh woe.  Their story is myth again and echoed from summers past to this summer.  Especially beware of sirens doing the princess wave.

In other news:

From dKos:  Orion is the most awesome constellation in the sky and I’ll thumb wrestle you to the death if you think otherwise.

From NPR: Many people living in developing countries often lack access to electricity, making something as common as a washing machine a luxury. However, thanks to some MIT students, a new human-powered machine may now be one step closer to reality.

This brings a whole new meaning to spin cycle.  😉

8 thoughts on “The Odyssey of Sirens

  1. Siren #2 here. So far we’ve only managed to make the boats wreck on the beach in our dreams, but we’re still trying.

    Also, please note from the picture that Siren #2 is definitely taller than Siren #1. 😉

  2. No way am I shorter. Please note the depth of the water on said siren’s body. And Mark – Pooh is not even in this argument.

  3. Siren #2 again(although sister #3). I was going from left to right in the picture when calling myself #2.
    Siren #1 is correct that Pooh does not enter into the ‘tallest’ argument, unless, I suppose, we’re talking intellect.

  4. Yes we will, probably in August. Dan plans on making it this year also, but don’t know when. Dave is going to be workin in NY all summer, so I don’t know his plans, but probably he doesn’t either.

  5. More confusion on the dates. Aug. 2-7 Mark and I will be doing a bike ride in Quebec. Jay will be doing the breast cancer walk in SE Michigan Aug. 14-16. The week between will probably be in Michigan, but possibly Rochester NY. Pooh may well come up to the cabin sometime in July. Mark will be spending some time in Seattle, probably one week in July. So, for sure, we won’t be there Aug. 2 – 7. Stay tuned.

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