A Dave Update


Dave called today. He has secured a position, assisting a neurology professor, who is doing research at Rochester. The research involves studying the auditory response of rabbits. This job will allow him to work and stay in Rochester for the summer. He will have to move from where he is living now, the lease ends at the end of this semester, but he has a line on a place. He is thinking of moving into some new university housing in the fall, which will be his senior year. He switched his minor from Spanish to economics this semester and is taking a heavier class load to catch up. Oh, and he is thinking about graduate school.

In other news, Anne and I are going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight, to Big Sky Cafe. I biked in the Park today. It was a little warmer then yesterday and much sunnier, too. I got fifteen miles today.

Both today’s header and the picture with today’s post are from 2003. Both pictures show parts of the World’s Fair Pavilion at dusk. Anne and I had gone there to see John Kerry speak. He was the Democratic Nominee, at the time. He filled the pavilion, but compared to Obama’s rally, last year, underneath the Arch, it seems small now and somewhat pathetic.

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