Happy Birthday Jane!


Born on a Tuesday, as a child full of grace, Jane, we celebrate your birthday, today.  While some people consider Friday the Thirteenth to be an unlucky day, let this poor post be the extent of your bad luck, today.  I’m sure that your planetary family and friends will fete you, today.  If you should seek more then terrestrial fair, there are plenty of movies that are opening, today.  Just please, don’t go to see them alone, today.  Anne has finished your birthday present and it is in the mail, today, tomorrow.  Jane, you are our favorite, our favorite sister/sister-in-law, east of the Rockies, at least for today.  Happy Birthday!  Today!!

Today’s header show a road side sign near to the Cabin.  I think that you can make the connection.  The picture with today’s post shows Jane, who at dinner, on the new poarch, noticed some pretty flowers growing just outside the window.  Jane can you say, pipsissewa?

OBTW, a month from now, to the very day, Anne, Joanie and I are going to go see The Pirates of Penzance, at the Touhill.  There is something about the character Ruth, that makes me think of today.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jane!

  1. Happy Birthday to me! and yes, I was picking a pretty flower for Bubs to identify. and thanks for leaving out the part about the flower being endangered and not to be picked! I’m such a scofflaw.

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