The picture and header for today shows different views of the Saint Louis Art Museum’s painting, KeithKeith is the title of this Chuck Close acrylic on canvas.  Painted in 1970, Keith is one of seven large scale grisaille paintings (rendered entirely in shades of gray) that Chuck Close created of his family and friends between 1968 and 1970.  Using a grid, an airbrush and a small amount of black paint, Close meticulously transferred a detailed photographic image to a painted canvas.  Despite the canvases smooth surface, he was able to produce a visual texture through areas of sharp focus and blur.  His attention to minute facial characteristics of pores, wrinkles, and hairs gives this painting a photorealism.

Senator Gregg of New Hampshire is resigning his Senate seat to become Commerce Secretary and Bonnie Newman will take his place, the Senate will then have 18 female members, a new record.  Interestingly enough, in 2000 the then-nine female senators who served published a book titled, “Nine and Counting: The Women of the Senate”, so that number has now been doubled.  New Hampshire will become the fourth state to currently have two female senators: (Washington, California and Maine do now).  Senator Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat) will, after only 30 days in office, become the senior Senator from New Hampshire.  As the Senate Historical Office pointed out today, with that new title also comes the privilege of getting the coveted Daniel Webster Senate desk.  By law, the senior senator from New Hampshire gets to use the desk!

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (Democrat) has announced today her intention to run for the open Missouri Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Kit Bond.  She stands a good chance of winning.  Public Policy Polling shows her leading Congressman Roy Blunt, former Senator Jim Talent and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman, the three leading Republican contenders.  If elected she would join Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in representing Missouri.  Just think, we could have two women Senators from Missouri or rather two Democratic women Senators from Missouri.  Who would have thought that this could ever happen here?

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