A Sunday Afternoon Nap

My brother asked me this morning when I would make another movie.  Well here it is, A Sunday Afternoon Nap.  It is loosely inspired by the GG, the Jedi Master of afternoon naps.  It is silly and short, I hope that you like it.

This morning Anne and I biked separately.  She did the second in her FrostBike series.  I just rode in the Park.  I did detour before getting to the Park.  I rode through the U-City loop.  Maybe more on that later.   I’m guessing that all the FrostBike riders yesterday and today are glad that the low temperatures of this week had moderated some by the weekend.  I caught up with Anne and the girls as I was reaching my turnaround point.  They were headed for the barn.  Today’s header is a little bit blurry, but considering that it was shot while biking, not too bad.  Anne got 21 miles today and I got 15 miles in the Park.  Afterwards Anne joined her compatriots at VeloCity Cafe for brunch.  Two rides down and two to go!

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