Anne In Dave’s Clothing


Pictured above is Anne in Dave’s new cap.  This project was previously mentioned here.  It is the one with an argyle pattern.  It didn’t turnout too large as originally feared.  It is not finished yet, Anne plans on adding ear flaps to it.  Anne had one of her students model it at school today, “so I can see how it looked on someone near my son’s age.”  The student looked at himself in the mirror and thought that the hat was pretty cool looking on him.

It is official, I didn’t win the Post-Dispatch One Minute Movie Contest.  The winners are here.  First place went to The Date, the film with the most popular votes.  Second place went to The Paper Trail and was picked by the paper’s judges.  There was no third place.  Better luck next year.  Thanks for all the support.

Team Kaldi’s, sponsored by the Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co., was announced Thursday night, the top fund-raising team in this year’s Saint Louis MS-150 charity bike ride, with over $102,000 raised to help fight Multiple Sclerosis.  It is also the second largest team, with 116 members.  Congratulations, Team Kaldi’s and congratulations Captain Don.  Thanks you to all our sponsors.  Your donations are part of this great total.  Thanks again!

I biked this morning.  I got in 15 miles.  I got home in time to send Anne off to Kindergarten.  I showered and washed my bike clothes, dressed for work and discovered that the sewer line was backing up.  Oh, Crap!

For Anne, Dave and myself there is just one more work week left in the year.  Next week is finals week for Anne and Dave.  We had customers in this week for our year end review, so I’m hoping for a quiet last work week of the year.  I’m proud that Dan will be the working man throughout this year’s end.

UPDATE: Earlier this week I jumped on Dog Mom about religion.  I apologize for that comment.  I have subsequently found a more constructive medium for expressing my beliefs on my son’s blog.  Please also read the comments.

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