Argyle that is.  Pictured above is Anne knitting an argyle hat for Dave, in a responsible manner I might add.  Speaking of Dave, I called him this morning.  He got back to school at four this morning.  We dropped him off at the airport at ten yesterday morning.  His flight from Saint Louis was delayed and he missed his connection.  He waited until nine last night for a flight was eventually canceled.  He then decided to fly to Buffalo, he took a cab to the bus station and then took the 2:45 AM bus to Rochester.  Eighteen hours portal to portal.  I’m glad he made it, even if it did seem like a version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Today’s header is from Sunday morning.  It snowed a little.  Monday morning it snowed more, but not much more.  It was colder this morning so the snow stuck on the overpasses.  There were quite a few wrecks this morning because of it.  I passed one wreck on the highway, where the car had come to rest in the middle of a grassy median.  A cop car had stopped and I could see the officer tromping through the tall grass to checkout the wreck.  The driver’s door was ajar, so it wasn’t clear if the driver was still in the car or not.  Such are the joys of the year’s first snowfall.

2 thoughts on “Arrrrrgyle!

  1. Dave’s head is a bit large, 24″ circumference. I did knit a swatch, and measured it after blocking. The motifs are 2 7/8″, so 8 of them, I figured would be right. However, you might be right, since knit stretches.
    Plan B? Seam it half way up the argyle motif, instead of at the edge.

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