Gnome, Gnome on the Range …


My muse struck this morning.  That would be Anne, don’t you know.  I finally got an idea for the Post-Dispatch’s one minute movie contest.  Basically, the high concept of the movie is photographing our Ikea gnome in front of various landmarks of Forest Park.  The photo of today’s post is from the lead in sequence.  It took five hours, but I think I got enough video for one minute.  I’ll try to post the video on YouTube tomorrow and will entertain comments and criticisms.  I will then make a final “directors cut” for uploading to the Post.  I better because Monday is the deadline for the contest.  You can checkout the entries, that have already been submitted.  I got 20 miles today.  Yep, that is about 4 MPH.

I had a few interesting difficulties in filming today.  While filming in front of the ice rink numerous little kids would stop skating and stand in front of the camera, spoiling my shot.  I nearly missed the shot of the zoo train, because I was asleep at the switch.  For some of the shots around water I had to lie down in the grass.  I had to be very careful, because the grass was full of goose poop. 

While shooting in front of the World’s Fair Pavilion an elderly gentlemen struck up a conversation with me by asking, “What is your art project about?”  I explained the high concept.  He said that he had earned his living making documentaries in LA.  He said he had always found film making fun.  He asked me what I did, when I was not making movies and that led to him asking me where I went to college.  I told him, “Michigan State”.  He said, “Huh?”  The second time around I got his joke.  He had gone to UCLA.  After reviewing this year’s MSU season, we beat UCLA handily (41-20).

Anne biked to the mall yarn store today.  Her version of Black Friday shopping.  Her bike computer wasn’t working correctly so she is not sure about how many miles she got, probably ten miles.  She got yarn for a hat and scarf for Dave and socks for herself.

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