TGIF Party, Biking and Saturday Football


Last night, Anne and I went to a party at Ron’s house.  Pictured above is a rather red faced Anne and Ron.  Quite a few Team Kaldis members and friends were there.  It was a good party.  This morning I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Sorry Gary, 27 °F was too cold and the bed was so warm this morning.  At eleven, I started watching the Michigan – Ohio State game, the first half wasn’t too bad.  At half time I went out to run my Saturday errands.  When I came back it was looking bad.  The final score was worse, 42-7. 

In the afternoon I went for a bike ride in the park.  Today’s header shows some guys playing touch football in the Park.  I got 15 miles.  When I got back home the Michigan State – Penn State was at the half and the score was not looking good.  I just checked again and it is halfway through the 4th and it looks pretty bad, 49-10.  While I was out biking, Anne went to see the Maplewood Richmond Heights – Clarks County State High School Semi-Finals.  Just like last year MRH lost in the Semi-Finals.  This time the final score was 39-14.  Clarks County will play for the championship next week in the Edward Jones Dome.  Anne took a lot of video, so we’ll try to make a movie out of it.  Time to start looking forward to basketball season, where this year the 2008 State Champions, yup MRH, will defend their title.

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  1. Mark,

    As you know I had a bike safety website and spent some time perusing other sites to develope mine and I would just like tell you from the heart your site is very nice and professional but yet warm. I especially like the above image of Anne with Paul Newman (funny I thought he recently passed)


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