Need a Hand? How About A Whole Magic Arm?

A couple of weeks back, I ordered a Bogen Magic Arm .  Today I got around to trying it out.  Basically, it is a camera mount that I can clamp on to the bicycle and then pose it in almost any position.

I made this movie using it.  I went out first and shot pictures of myself.  When Anne was ready, I got video of her riding with me.  I used Adobe Premiere Elements to put it together.  After about a mile I ran out of camera memory, so we turned around to empty the camera.

We launched again and headed towards the Park.  Soon afterwards we realized we had forgotten the bike lock.  So not wanting to turn around again, we thought of where we could still go for lunch.  We decided on the Central West End and headed over there. 

We ended up at Bar Italia.  I had always want to go there, but it is a bit upscale.  We sat on the patio so we could keep an eye on the bikes.  Anne had the Torti de Spinichi and I had a Panini.  It was good.  We got 16 miles in today.

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