50 Miles & 5 Festivals In 5 Hours, I’m So Fried


Anne had a tough week at school, so she went to an educators conference at U of M St. Louis.  This left me to my own devices.  I didn’t want to just do the Park and there wasn’t much in the way of organized rides, so I decided to go to the Chain of Rocks bridge and Illinois.

On the way downtown, I bumped into the Building Green Homes Fair.  It was situated where it was because there is a project to build some green demonstrator condos in that neighborhood.  It had lots of little booths where various green charities or green home improvement companies had set up shop.  Right next to the fair was the Glass Project, a white limestone church without a real roof, but with lamps strung on wires like rafters.

Heading downtown I bumped into the Gateway Classics’s parade.  The classic is a football game between two historically black colleges, in this case Kentucky State vs. Stillman.  The picture of the cheerleader pyramid is of Stillman.  I watched the parade for a while and then headed up the River Front Trail.  At mile marker seven the trail was washed out and you had to detour around by foot.  Pictured is the cliff that Ike left.

I made to the Chain of Rocks Bridge, crossed over into Illinois and the turned around.  I’ve added a picture of the bridge.  Returning to the Arch, I bumped into Bike-apolooza.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I had to investigate.  Basically it seemed intended to promote the Mississippi River Trail, a trail from New Orleans to the head waters.  Heading back to mid-town the little Green Fair had been consumed by Dancing in the Streets.  Today’s header features one of the several acts that I saw there.  I’ve added a picture of another dance act.

Returning home I found no one there.  I checked messages and was reminded of a request to canvas for Obama earlier in the afternoon at the Richmond Heights Festival.  I only had 48 mile at that point so I decided to head over to the Heights and check it out.  It was still going on, but was definitively waning.  I breezed through, didn’t see who had called me and headed home.  Anne had just returned.  I am so cooked.

UPDATE: Tonight Anne and I took Joan out to Agave for her birthday.

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