Balloon Glow

Time to take a break from politics.  Tonight after dinner Anne and I will bike over to Forest Park to see the balloon glow, which is the opening event to this weekend’s Saint Louis Balloon Festival.  These pictures are from 2005.  I’ll hopefully get better pictures tonight.  It is the last weekend of summer and after a cool week it is starting to feel like summer again.

Tonight’s balloon glow starts after dark, so we’ll have to use bike lights.  Biking over there should be better then driving because it is always a very crowded event and parking will be difficult.  Typically they have about forty or more balloons in tomorrow’s balloon launch, but tonight at the glow they will have fewer.  The reason is there is just not enough room at the site to inflate all of the balloons at one time.  The site is the central ball fields in the Park is over 50 acres.

Quick video update of the 2008 Saint Louis Balloon Glow:

Biking was the way to go.  People were parking two miles from the house.  We took a circuitous route , but were able to bike there in five miles.  Well it really wasn’t so circuitous as hilly.  The way back was a little easier.  We got nine miles.  Here are some pictures:

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