One Man Band

This guitar caught my eye in the music store window last Saturday.  Anne and I were walking back to the car after lunch at Blueberry Hill.  I have no idea of how one would play this instrument.  That is Tina Turner in the publicity photo.  I have no idea it they are related.  Any idea what the sax is?  OBTW, from the marquis outside the Hill it does appear that Chuck Berry still has a regular once a month gig there.

I got up early and rode in the Park this morning.  I got 21 miles.  I snapped some pictures, but the the one I wanted to use didn’t turn out well.  It was of the Saint Louis statue in front of the art museum.  It was still dark, but the statue is well lit and the moon was near full.  Mentally composing the shot as I rode up to it, I inadvertently barged into an aerobics class.  Aerobics, in the dark and on cold granite and it was cold this morning, go figure?

The market didn’t implode today.  It even went up.  And after the Feds didn’t cut the interest rate.  I feel a little better about the Merrill Lynch collapse then I did yesterday.  Although, we didn’t get the promised email from him today, yet.  This market down turn reminds me a lot of the auto and aerospace down turns that I have experienced in the past.  The first to go are usually the weakest, the so called fat. We are past this phase and well into the meat.

I almost posted the following picture yesterday, but decided not to.  Well so much for self control.  Jill Greenberg is a freelance photographer who shot this original cover portrait.  It was to illustrate this month’s issue of Atlantic Monthly and accompany an article about John McCain.  Greenberg is a partisan.  She went on to Photo Shop the photos and has posted these photographs on her website.  What was he thinking?  I have Photo Shop and if I knew how to work it well enough, I would have embossed a darkened image of Bush into the shadow.  Imagine it.  I bet you can almost see it.

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