Everyone Else Is Leaving. I’m Going to Hold On to You!

This will be a week of leavings.  Yesterday, Nink and then Bob left town, after successfully installing Andrew at Fontbonne.  Today, Dan’s friend Annie leaves for a semester in Vienna, Austria not Virgina.  And on Wednesday Dave leaves for the U of R and his Junior year.

Yesterday, started late after Saturday night’s Moonlight Ramble.  Eight of us convened at the City Dinner on Grand (Bob, Nink, Joan, Annie, Dan, Dave, Anne & I).  Pictured above are Anne & I, after I annoyed most of the table with the camera.  Later we went to the Gardens, lots of flowers, as you’ll see.  I’m pretty sure that Bob and I had most of the world’s problems solved by the time we left.

Nink flew off and Bob reasserted America’s dominance in the Pacific.  I wonder if me and the Japanese could have won with the F-18?  I was too tired to cook so I asked Dave to order Pizza.  The good news was that he had Papa John’s on speed dial.  The bad news was that the number that he called was in New York.  He really tried hard to give them directions.  You better wait until Wednesday before you call that franchise again, Dave.  We loaded up Bob’s car with what was originally advertised as Dave’s two or three bags.  Time for one last cigar on the back porch, while listening to the neighbor’s lawn party jazz.  A very good weekend!

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