Orange You Glad To Be Here?

Today’s air is orange.  It is over 90 and of course the heat index is higher.  In addition to the weather, it was a tough week at work.  We had customers in, which is always exciting.  Yesterday, I had to present, which is always nerve wracking.  The boss commented at staff meeting today about how tired everyone looked.  I felt that he was looking at me. 

Walking across the parking lot while leaving work today, I first heard the roar of a jet taking off.  I then saw the F-18 as at it poked above the skyline about a half mile away.  It must have started rolling immediately after takeoff, because it was silhouetted in plan-form by the time it cleared the ground clutter.  It was now coming towards me, perpendicular to the runway it had just left as it continued to climb.  It passed overhead, first with a roar and then with a hush, as the pilot throttled back, dropped the landing gear and completed its circle to land.

The commute home today was uneventful, unlike yesterday’s.  On my way into work yesterday a stretch of the highway was littered with large rocks.  Fortunately, traffic was at a crawl when I encountered them.  The big news item yesterday was also traffic related.  Last night at rush hour a semi plowed into a line of cars stopped in traffic.  The truck was traveling at speed.  Two were killed, twelve injured, six critically.  This morning’s headline quotes the truck driver’s father, saying that his son is headed towards a breakdown.


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