Frog-EE has been trying to clean up the landfill lo these many years.  That is his prime directive.  He packages up waste and feeds it to Garbage Woman, who launches it off the Planet.  When he started doing this job there were many other Frog-EEs in the swamp.  Now he is the last one left.  By and large, this is how Frog-EE has existed lo these many years.

One day, Buoy 22 lands on the Planet in fire and smoke.  Poor Frog-EE is terrified and hides his head in the sand.  Out pops this sleek looking, iPOD gal, Doll-EE, and Frog-EE is smitten.  Doll-EE’s prime directive is to look for night life on the Planet.  Frog-EE tries taking her to his place, but it doesn’t work.  Eventually he begins to see this, so he springs some coin and takes her to the Pig.  She finds night life!  Her prime directive is accomplished.  She also knows that there is no way she is going to spend eternity in the landfill, with Frog-EE.  So she calls a cab and leaves.

Buoy 22 takes her call and picks her up.  Frog-EE crashes the cab and they blast off the Planet.  They head north, back to the mother-ship.  Landing there they meet the Luv Guru, Kermit, the bicycling frog.  he teaches both Frog-EE and Doll-EE that true happiness can only be found on a bike.  They both take this lesson to heart and live happily ever after.

Any connection to any Disney/Pixar movie ending in an E is purely coincidental.

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