The Great Adventure – Day 62

Ride: Day 62 bikes, Day 84 total            Date: 6/25/82, Friday

From: Sheguiandah to Massey

Via: Kings Highway 6, 17, Road to Chutes (½ km)

State/County: Ontario / Manitoulian, Sudbury Counties

Mileage:                                               Time:

Start     2737                                         9:00 AM

Finish  90 km = 56 miles                       6:30 PM

Total    2793                                         9 ½ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved, except 17 was gravel from outside Webbwood to Massey because of construction, some hills on Manitoulian, but quite hilly to Espanola, then flat to Massey, Low traffic to 17 then high

Map(s)/Guide: Ontario Provincial Map, Manitoulian map

Weather: Cool and Cloudy and in the AM then warmer with spots of sun

Flora/Fauna: warbler ? black with orange, chipmunk, great blue herons, beaver lodge, wild strawberries, white-throated sparrow, daises

Others in Group: Pictures of Whitefish Falls, 2 bikers on island going to Boston, Rick Peterson in the Chutes

Points of Interest/Mileage: Sheguiandah Museum, Little Current, Whitefish Falls, Chutes Provincial Park

Comments: We stop for yogurt (+) at a store in Sheguiandah then head to Little Current for banking and a craft shop.  The swing bridge from Manitoulian to Great Cloche Island is wooden with railroad tracks down the middle.  There is a free camp ground on Great Cloche.  The scenery from Little Current to Espanola is really beautiful – wild and rugged with lots of lakes and rivers.  We eat lunch at Whitefish Falls at the Holiday Lodge.  Lots of wooden furniture plus a huge fireplace, but no menu;  Very friendly people – Bill and Fran Raven run the restaurant, lodge, campground and a brand new hostel.  When we get to the Chutes (finally) we share a site with another biker.  He is doing 150 miles/day.

Expenses: Breakfast $2.50, C&C $0.95, $0.40, $2.73, Lunch $11.00, Dinner $8.44, Camp $6.50 Total: $31.52, Trip Total: $3156.67

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