Ride(s) Report

Lean Clean Green Machine

I rode this morning.  I got 15 miles.  I had to turn around to return the camera because the sky looked so weird.  It threatened but didn’t rain.  Two thing of note, another white egret and a squirrel.  About the egret, it was fishing in front of the Jewel Box.  There is a rectangular pool there that I’m sure is only stocked with ornamental fish.  I doubt the curators there intended their fish to be served for brunch.  More interestingly, the squirrel.  In St. Louis we get grey squirrels in the city and fox squirrels in the country.  This was a grey squirrel.  I was riding on the road, just passing the grand basin when I was attacked.  The squirrel launched itself from the camouflage of the grey stone curb, straight at me.  I froze.  The squirrel sailed cleanly between my two wheels only to be skipped by the far pedal.  That didn’t seem to faze it as it continued across the street.  Anne rode later and got 21 miles.  She would have gone for more but discretion was the better part of valor.  Shortly after arriving home the heavens opened up.

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