Dedicated to Art …

On the lintel above the main entrance of the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) is its motto, Dedicated to Art and Free to All.  When Anne use to work at the Corps there was a manager named Art.  Once Anne gave Art’s secretary a T-shirt from the Art Museum with its motto on it.  I wonder if she liked the joke? 

Chris Chauvin use to work there, he called it the slammer.  He did art restoration.  He once restored a rather old, rather ornate, rather large wooden chest.  Over the centuries worms had seriously perforated it.  I think his first step was a fumigation.

Dan now works at  In a few weeks he has gone from part time, to full time, to overtime.  Dungeons and Dragons is just releasing their 4th edition.  He seems to like this job a lot better then his last one.  Dan and Annie (who is in art at Webster) were discussing graduate schools.  Annie plans on spending the fall in Vienna.  Dan is going to get into the graduate school cycle for next year. 

From Dan, SLAM has this sculpture called Kristallnacht.  It is almost two stories tall.  The floor around it is littered with broken glass.  The piece features larger then life books, made in lead.  They represent copies of the Torah.  This piece was for years housed on the 2nd floor.  That is until someone noticed that the 1st floor ceiling was bowing down.  It now rests on the ground floor.

PS – I got 15 miles in the morning.  Woo Hoo!


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