Biking By the Numbers …

I biked in the park this morning and saw 5 egrets along the golf course.  I saw at least 6 other cyclists, thus ensuring my sanity in being out there.  I saw 1 fellow, Team Kaldi’s member, Mary Abkermeir.  I saw 5 members of the 6:20 running club.  I averaged 14 MPH and logged 15 miles.  I figure that gives me rounding up, 75, to Anne’s 21 miles later today. 😉

Anne is preparing to start teaching middle school math next week in the MRH school district.  She was reviewing story problems when she came upon the following bicycling related story problem:

Anne and Steve are going biking.  Anne averages 10 MPH and Steve averages 8 MPH.  They plan a 40 mile bicycling trip.  Anne gives Steve a 30 minute headstart.  What happens during the trip?

That’s what I want to know and who the heck is Steve?

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