Team Kaldi’s Ride Report

Kaldi's Ride

Pictured are Anne and Mark in front of the Kirkwood Kaldi’s Coffeehouse.  We are resplendent in our Team Kaldi’s Jerseys.  Not pictured because of Mark’s camera issues are John Gee and Don Baird, both of whom we’re equally resplendent in yellow.

Don mentioned that Team Kaldi’s will be getting a new jersey this year.  The “white” ones (as seen above) are now 2 years old.  The award winning black and tan jerseys are even older.  Don’s goal is to power Team Kaldi’s from #3 to #2 in fund raising in this year’s STL MS-150.

Our planned ride was to follow the Fun Club Y-Ride’s middle route.  From Kirkwood we launched east and picked up the new Grant’s Trail extension.  Passing Grant’s Farm we saw Clydesdales in pasture, including one fold sucking its ma-mere.  Near the end of the trail we passed what to all appearances was a women’s roller derby team.  From the east trailhead we went north on Moganford and eventually Macklind (more bars in more places).

About this time the sky began to darken, also we had passed the turn around point, so the talk of lunch grew.  John, the gourmet, no longer a gourmond (look out Kubie) threw out suggestions, “How about the Hill?  No, how about Gooey Louie?”  Gooey Louie is a bakery with a purpose and that purpose is the St. Louis gooey butter cake.  For you out of towners, I cannot describe the gooey butter cake experience.  I can only suggest that you come visit.  For you townies, check out:

About this time it started to rain.  We took are ill gotten gains down the road to a near by Bread Co.  After lunch we enjoyed dessert.  John, thank you again for the leftovers.  Unfortunately the rain did not let up.  We charged out into the rain and decided to sag to our house.  All in all, it was a great ride, with great friends.  We had 3/4 of the original Control Data MS-150 team.  Hey, Tony?

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